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Subject: tow units
stinger    11/6/2007 11:46:12 PM
just tring to get some info on how many tow systems are in the current delta company. someone was very helpful on explaining the make up of the platoon and how many vehicals. but i was asking about the actual weapons themselves??? thank you ...
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Sabre       11/13/2007 4:15:40 PM
Supposedly a Light Infantry Unit of Action (Brigade) has a total of 28 TOW systems.
This figure must be split up between the Delta Company in each of the two Infantry Battalions, and some in the Recon Troops.
In the new TOE, the Delta Company has four platoons of four gun trucks each... so perhaps it is 8 per Delta Company, with 6 more in each of the two Ground Recon Troops???
I could be wrong...
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stinger       11/15/2007 5:38:34 AM
thanks for the reply good stuff i was looking every where for that... also would you know the break down in mk-19 and 240b in the delta company or rsta troop  thank you????
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Patton       12/23/2010 1:15:04 PM
The RSTA  troop is only a weapons company with a cav designation. Heres the breakdown...
1. HHT
2. 4-6 Troops.
1.  THQ Platoon:  CO, (O-3);   XO, (O-2);   AXO, (O-1);  TFO, (O-1);  SEA, (E-7/8);  S-1, (E-6)  S-2, (E-6); 
S-3, (E-7); S-4, (E-5); Trp Clk, (Sp-4);  Armorer, (Sp-4);  S-6, (E-5); NBC Sg, (E-5);  Eng Sg, (E-5);  Med Sg, (E-5).
2.  Scout Platoon: Carries  x6 Humvees armed with M-2 Browning 0.50Cal. HMG's; Mk-19's; M-41TOW ITAS: M-240B's and the LRAS3.
3. Total strength is 72-men.  (There was talk of the platoon being upgraded  from 18 to 24 men.)  x3 Scout Platoons make up a troop
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stinger       12/27/2010 3:26:17 AM
hey patton good stuff keep it coming i havnt checked this site in awhile, but i have another question, if anyone knows the break down of a infantry scout recon platoon in a infantry battalion, if i remember they were very light but did they also get gun trucks for mounted ops. nobody walks anymore.
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Patton    Recon   12/29/2010 1:28:17 PM
The old break down on this was 18-men.  There were x4 teams of x4 men each, plus a PL and PSG.  Three of the teams were scouts and one of the teams were snipers.  I think the new break down is x21 men, probably with a larger platoon HQ's.
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Patton    TOW Missile Launcher   12/29/2010 1:30:29 PM
By the way, it takes an I.Q. of 110 or greater to fire a TOW Missile...
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