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Subject: Joining the French Foreign Legion
DevilDogM2057    11/2/2007 9:00:31 PM
After watching"Escape to the Legion"with Bear Grylls, my prayer has somewhat been answered.I was in the U.S.Marines and recieved an OTH discharge shortly after advanced training,which devestaded everyone around me and hit me hard being forced back to civilian life working more dead end jobs.Even though the program was a mock up in the Sahara and was shot 2yrs ago,I can see more or less what is expected of recruits in the FFL.The past couple of days I've researched a bit and gained alot of knowledge after sifting through some b.s. The first thing I know for a fact is that I need to learn to speak French before considering stepping on a plane to France.I can see this elite unit being on another level compared to becoming a basic Marine and I'm up for the challenge.I'm reading frequently about being taxed from pay,not getting dental treatment, etc. I have a U.S.passport,do I need a visa?I'm seriously considering embarking on this life changing commitment.
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