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Homicide Car Bombing Gone Wrong


It all started a suicide bomber in Baghdad attempted to ram an his car into an Abrams tank.

But the bomb was poorly made and only a few of the explosives in the car went off. The car was partially destroyed and the driver wounded. The suicide bomber was still able to detonate more of the explosives. The bomber refused to surrender. So the Iraqi police closed the road, and a U.S. ordnance detachment used a remote-controlled robot to approach the car, take pictures of it, and place a demolition charge beside it.

When the explosives went off, the car was wrecked and the driver killed, there were still several undetonated artillery shells and land mines tossed out on the road. These are seen being blown by the U.S. troops. You can tell from the size of that explosion that if the bomb had been put together properly, the American tank would have been heavily damaged, or even destroyed, by the explosion.

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