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Vehicle Borne IED Attack Video


VBIED Assassination Attempt on an ITG Ministry VIP outside CP2 Baghdad –International Zone

Attack Summary
At 1339 on 04 Oct 05, a VBIED detonated in front of ECP 2 in Baghdad’s International Zone. The target was an Iraqi general with one of the ITG Ministries. He was in a white Mercedes. His PSD (security) was in an IP Chevy trailblazer, blue and white. On this day, the target vehicle came across Bridge 6. The individual stopped at a restaurant vic an IP checkpoint. He was there less than 10 minutes after saying hello to a friend. He proceeded west on Yafa street. He was making a U-TURN vic ECP 2 in order to head east on Yafa street. A dark blue vehicle slowed down in front of the Mercedes, allowing a red Daewoo to get in between the Mercedes and the IP PSD. The red Daewoo detonated. The driver killed himself only, but wounded others. The red Daewoo came through the IP checkpoint on Yafa street between ECPs 1 and 2 without being searched. After the VBIED detonated there was a large amount of SAF from the IA and IPs.

The photos that follow are a storyboard of the events off the video.

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