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Anti-Tank Mines Destroy M1A1 in Iraq

Anti-Tank Mines Destroy M1A1 in Iraq - The pictures have been removed due to the fact that we where notified that they where classified.

However, the photos are still available outside the United States (as well as some inside the United States), as StrategyPage readers have pointed out to us. One such site can be found at;

The first two pictures on that page are among those you are not supposed to see.

The message we received was;

Please remove the photos of the M1 Abrams destroyed by mines. The photos are not cleared for public distribution.
Thank You,
LTC Chris Carnes

LTC Christopher S. Carnes
Close Combat TISO
COM: 703-695-2047
DSN: 225-2047

The description of the pictures was;

In Iraq, a US 4th Infantry Division tank was destroyed (and two of the four man crew killed, another was wounded) when they rolled over three anti-tank mines, buried in the road, one on top of another. The incident occurred on October 28th, 40 kilometers northeast of Balad at about 7 PM.
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