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Proposed New US Navy Uniforms for Ranks E1-E6

Posted 12/12/2014

These are undergoing tests by a small group of sailors. The new uniforms would be year round, and would replace the current blues, whites and twill uniforms.

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EW3    RE:Proposed New US Navy Uniforms for Ranks E1-E6   3/6/2005 1:13:40 AM
Barf. Looks like a bad combo of USCG and USMC. Also where is the rate insignia? I can just imagine some overweight E6 in these :) Only 3 uniforms needed: dungarees, dress blues and tropical whites. Never wore undress blues or undress whites in 4 years. Only wore dress whites two or three times. Also enjoyed wearing greens.
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Carl D.    RE:Proposed New US Navy Uniforms for Ranks E1-E6   3/6/2005 1:05:16 PM
With that kaki number the old saying about the Marines owning the ships and letting the Navy use them seems to get some clout. What's the big push to change uniforms all about anyways? Heck why fix what ain't broken for crying out loud?
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displacedjim    RE:Proposed New US Navy Uniforms for Ranks E1-E6   3/6/2005 3:06:02 PM
Ughh! They look... European! Displacedjim
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Mike From Brielle    RE:Proposed New US Navy Uniforms for Ranks E1-E6   3/6/2005 3:32:56 PM
I guess the whole Navy has come to its senses and wants people to think there in the Marine Corps.
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doggtag    how much $$$?   3/6/2005 5:44:35 PM
OK, so how many millions will be spend changing over to new uniforms (not that I'm a fan of my own branch's black beret fiasco)? And what other navy programs that could REALLY benefit from a few million more dollars will have to do without, just so everyone can look purdy?
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sjdoc    RE:Demoralizing uniform changes for USN enlisted personnel   3/8/2005 6:44:46 AM
An earlier comment about the proposed uniform robbing the naval service of an important sense of identity is quite correct. The practicality of the shirts and trousers is not disputed, but the garrison cap headgear is depressingly bad. In the khaki shirt, it tends at best to make the sailor too easily mistaken for a Marine (which is not to the discredit of the Marine Corps at all), and at worst - particularly with the slate grey shirt - might baffle the viewer into thinking that he sees an Airman instead of a sailor. Something as simple as retaining the traditional seaman's cap (which other "reformers" attempted to eliminate some decades ago) would resolve that confusing picture completely and unquestionably. At the same time, the women's headgear can doubtless find a distinctive look that says "Navy" as proudly as they, too, deserve.
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EW3    RE:Demoralizing uniform changes for USN enlisted personnel   3/8/2005 9:23:11 AM
>>Something as simple as retaining the traditional seaman's cap Most people don't realize the whitehat is actually a piece of safety gear, although antiquated now. In boot camp we learned to capture air in the white hat and use it as a float if we went overboard. (Never had the nerve to ask the Chief why my hat would be on after falling 80 ft from a carrier deck)
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iratius    too many uniforms   3/8/2005 9:24:20 PM
ok, dumb question no doubt, but how do these uniforms relate to this one?
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Thomas    RE:too many uniforms   3/11/2005 9:35:39 AM
Reminds me of my days as a conscript: A conscript private on guard duty answered the phone: "This is the Military Circus." The gruff voice asked: "Who am I talking to?" The answer: "One of the clowns." The gruff voice wasn't pleased.
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iratius    RE:too many uniforms   3/17/2005 12:04:09 PM
Not to confuse anyone, or should I say confuse further, but how to these uniforms fit into a typical sailor's seabag?,13190,SS_102004_Uniform,00.html You got the proposed uniforms for e1-e6 to replace blues, whites and twills; you got proposed digital/non-digital predominately grey/blue camoflage bdu options as a new working uniform to replace utilities, wash khaki, coveralls, woodland green, aviation green, winter working blue and tropical working uniforms. Seems like they oughta outfit the entire navy (as well as air force) proposed uniform department with good old fashioned dcu's and send 'em to the sandbox to drive trucks for a while.
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