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New Irai Town Names

New Towns in Iraqi Now that the B-1's, B-2's, B-52's, TLAMs, F-14's, F-15's, F-16's, F/A-18's, Tornados, Harriers, F-117's,  and field artillery have reorganized Iraq's landscape, our intelligence has discovered they have renamed some of their towns, no doubt in order to confuse us.  These new names include:

  • Wherz-Myroof
  • Mykamel-Izded
  • OKraph-Dissizbad
  • Waddi-El-Izgowinon
  • Pleez-Ztopdibomin
  • Kizz-Yerbuht-Goodbi
  • Ikantstan-Disnomore
  • Wha-Tahel-Wazi-Tinkin
  • Myturbin-Izburnin

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