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Skippy's List

Skippy's List

SPC Schwarz aka "Skippy" has assembled "213 things Skippy is no longer allowed to do in the U.S. Army."

Who is Skippy? We don't know but he is definitely "whacked". Skippy is also hilarious. However, we have no desire to ever meet Skippy in person.

Some of our favorites from Skippy's list are:

  • Not allowed to play into the deluded fantasies of the civlians who are "hearing conversations" from the NSA, FBI, CIA and KGB due to the microchip the aliens implanted in their brain.
  • Don't tell Princess Di jokes in front of the paras (British Airborne).
  • Pokémon® trainer is not an MOS.
  • Not allowed to let sock puppets take responsibility for any of my actions.

We regret that we have to point out one mistake Skippy has made. Skippy claims that "there is no FM for 'wall-to-wall counseling'." We beg to differ as you can find the manual for Wall-to-Wall Counseling here on the StrategyPage.

To see the rest of Skippy's list click here.

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