Weapons: U.S. Navy and the SR25 Sniper Rifle


12, 2007:
The U.S. Navy is buying more of the SR25 sniper rifle, officially
known as the Mk11 Sniper Rifle System (SRS). This is a 7.62mm weapon based on
the M-16 design (created by retired USAF Colonel Stoner in the 1950s). About
half the parts in the SR25 are interchangeable with those in the M-16. The
Stoner sniper rifle achieves its high accuracy partly by using a 20 inch heavy
floating barrel. The "floating" means that the barrel is attached
only to the main body of the rifle to reduce resonance (which throws off
accuracy.) The semi-automatic, 41 inch long rifle weighs 10.5 pounds without a
scope and uses a 20 round magazine. This is considered the most accurate
semi-automatic rifle in the world. It's popular with Special Forces and
commandos because it allows a good shooter to take out a number of targets
quickly and accurately. The commercial SR25 has a 24 inch barrel, but the navy
wanted a shorter one for better use in urban warfare. The rifle was initially
purchased for Navy SEALS and marines, but is now used by snipers in all the
services, including the navys new infantry force.