Armor: Armor for Aid Workers


January 29, 2006: Peacekeepers need armored vehicles these days, as do NGOs (Non-Governmental Organization aid workers) who usually swarm to any area where the peacekeepers are working. Iraq and Afghanistan are not the only places where peacekeepers are regularly under attack. NGOs, not wanting to be mistaken for using military vehicles, have taken to using an armored version of the DURO 6x6 truck for such missions. The armored DURO weighs 12.5 tons, looks like a truck, but can resist machine-gun fire, and provide substantial protection from nearby explosions. One special feature is the DURO is that the rear (payload) portion is a module that can be easily swapped out. Modules are available for medical, bomb disposal, troops transport and cargo. The armored DURO can carry 5.5 tons of whatever. The Swiss-Austrian company that manufactures it has been selling them since the late 1990s.