Air Defense: China Trains To Shoot Down F-22s


October 18, 2010:  Chinese news sources recently reported an anti-aircraft exercise where HQ-9 missiles were fired at a "stealth" aircraft. Not much in the way of details. This is typical. There has been much written about how potential "anti-stealth" radars might work. But no one is selling such a beast, even though some of the technologies proposed are sound. There's heat detection, as F-22s and B-2s still put out a lot of heat. Then there's using a radar that will not be as easily defeated by the radar absorbing materials used on American stealth aircraft. And so on. The U.S. is not providing stealth aircraft for testing any of these proposed methods, and if China had developed something in this area, they would probably keep details secret (lest the U.S. tweak their stealth tech to better handle the Chinese device.)



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