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Churchill Comes of Age: Cuba 1895, by Hal Klepak

Stroud, Eng.: Spellmount History Press / Chicago: Trafalgar Square, 2015. Pp. 228. Illus., maps, chron., notes, biblio., index. $46.95. ISBN: 0750962259.

Churchillís First War

In the first book on Churchillís 1895 Cuban adventure, Prof. Klepak (emeritus Royal Military College of Canada) looks at the manís first campaign. In 1895, shortly after being commissioned in the British Army, Churchill went to Cuba on his own, as a correspondent, in part to test his reaction to being under fire; he got his wish on his 21st birthday, in a minor skirmish at Iguara on November 30th, during which his deportment was such that the Spanish awarded him the Medalla Militar, Primero Classe, the first of his many decorations.

Churchillís time in Cuba was short, but Klepak uses Churchillís experiences during those three weeks as the focal point of an inquiry into the man within the framework of his times. So he offers us a look at Churchillís family background, education, and social life. Even for a member of a wealthy upper class family, there were a number of important aspects of living in the age that are now often overlooked, such as the role of personal connection on careers and the surprisingly steep financial demands under members of the upper classes had to exist. Of course Klepak also offers some insights into the ins and outs of the military life of the British Empire at its height.

In the process of telling us about Churchillís background, we get a nuanced account of the Cuban Revolution and the Spanish response and of Churchillís brief role in the events. Klepak discusses how the Cuban adventure influenced Churchillís views on war and politics, and in two particularly useful chapters, uses the young manís own writings, including not only his newspaper dispatches but also private letters, to throw light on his rather impressive skill at political and military analysis.

This is a good read for anyone interested in Churchill.

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Reviewer: A. A. Nofi, Review Editor   

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