Wargame News

Birth of America! Now Available At Matrix GamesConquest of the Aegean Update ReleasedFor Liberty! New Demo Released
Forge of Freedom: The American Civil War is Now AvailableFor Liberty! Now Available from Matrix Games Gary Grigsby’s World At War: A World Divided Released
Hornet Leader II ExpansionNew Wargame PublisherMatrix Games Announces Their First PDA Wargame
A World Divided AnnouncedMatrix Games Wins Two Origins Game of the Year AwardsRush for Berlin Patch
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Wargame Reviews

MILSketchAxis and Allies: D-DayEnigma: Rising Tide
GuadalcanalHighway to the ReichKorsun Pocket
Market Garden '44Normandy '441602 A.D.
Jane's Fleet CommandTACOPS and Brigade Combat TeamCommand at Sea: "The Rising Sun"
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Wargame Articles

New Wargaming History Being Compiled and You Can Help!The Ultimate War Simulation GameThe Difference Between Military & Civilian Wargames
Wargames and the War in IraqWhere Have All The Wargames Gone?Wargames for the Troops
Military Transformation With Wargames U.S. Wargaming Grows Up: A Short History of the Diffusion of Wargaming in the Armed Forces and Industry in the Postwar Period up to 1964History of Wargames: Toward a History Based Doctrine for Wargaming as of 6 Jan 2000
Casualty Budgets: applications to both military planning and commercial wargaming. Wargaming and Military Culture: Education and Cohesion-BuildingDecisive Action Designer Notes
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Wargame Areas

Team Trackless
Team Trackless is a volunteer, unclassified effort to use commercial wargames to test new doctrine and tactics for the new "trackless" (wheeled armored vehicles) brigades the US Army is experimenting with.

Professional Wargames Page
PWP serves as an unclassified, unofficial clearing house for information on Professional Wargames (those used by the military and government agencies).

Grognard' is slang for someone who likes playing wargames. 'Web-Grognards' therefore has a unique collection of various conflict simulation game (i.e. wargame) information, including (but not limited to) rules errata and variants, game reviews and links to relevant web sites. The emphasis is on board wargames, but miniatures, computer and card-based wargames are also covered. Many hundreds of games are covered here.

Conflict simulation gaming news and discussion site covering the historical boardgaming industry.
The mission of ConsimWorld.COM is to promote the historical boardgaming industry and each publishers' respective efforts.

The Wargamer.com is news and reviews site that covers both computer games and board games. They also do re-play articles and in depth analysis of wargames.

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