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India-Pakistan: Risking A Mass Rising Of The Tribes
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March 14, 2010: Terrorists in Pakistan carried out five attacks in the last week, killing and wounding over 200 people. The Taliban keep demanding that the government halt its operations in the tribal territories, and against Islamic radicals in general, or the terror bombings will continue. The government has made peace with some tribes, even those that are sheltering Islamic terrorists. But the public is demanding vengeance for the growing number of terrorism victims. So are the American and Afghans across the border. So the Pakistani government keeps going after some of the local terrorists.

The offensive against Maoists in eastern India has initially found lots of abandoned rebel camps and bunkers. The Maoists have better intelligence in the areas they have long controlled, and will, for a while, be able to get out of the way of the troops. The government understands this, and believes the destruction of these Maoist groups will take years. But the government also has to deal with the economic and social problems in the rural areas, which cause the discontent that the Maoists have exploited to recruit fighters and obtain other support. India considers the Maoist movement more dangerous than Islamic terrorism (as the former has been far more successful than the latter.)

Pakistani police and troops continue to hunt down and arrest or kill Islamic militants, especially Taliban and al Qaeda leaders hiding in major cities, like Karachi. At one point, police thought they had arrested the American born spokesman for al Qaeda, but it turned out to be another American working for the terrorists.

Pakistani police seized a truck loaded with explosives, as it attempted to enter Punjab from the tribal territories.

In Bangladesh, several days of violence by university Islamic radical groups, which left at least three people dead. Police then arrested over 200 student activists.

March 13, 2010: In Pakistan's Swat valley, a suicide bomber killed 13 as he tried to attack a courthouse, but was shot by security guards and detonated his bomb outside the building.

India police are searching for a hijacked truck, carrying 16 tons of ammonium nitrate fertilizer. Mixed with fuel oil, the fertilizer becomes a powerful explosive. Since the truck was stolen by Maoist rebels, police fear the fertilizer is going into bombs, not agriculture.

March 12, 2010: In Lahore, Pakistan, five terrorist bombs went off, killing over 50 and wounding over a hundred people. Police promptly made fifty arrests among Islamic radicals suspected of terrorist activity.  In southeast India, police caught up with and killed Maoist leader Shakamuri Appa Rao. Captured documents confirmed his identity and activities. This is the second senior Maoist leader caught (the other one was arrested March 2nd) this month.

Russia and India signed several agreements, including the building of two more nuclear reactors in India, and a final price (of $2.35 billion) for refurbishing the old Russian aircraft carrier Admiral Gorshkov, for Indian service.

March 11, 2010: In Pakistan's tribal territories (Peshawar), a terrorist bomb destroyed a video store, killing four people. In Karachi, gunmen killed the leader of a Sunni Islamic radical group. This was believed part of the ongoing fighting between Islamic radical groups.

March 10, 2010: In northern Pakistan, gunmen killed six Pakistani employees of a Christian foreign aid group. In Pakistan's tribal territories, such violence against foreigners and religious minorities is increasing.

March 8, 2010: In Lahore, Pakistan, a suicide bomber killed 13 outside a military intelligence facility.  American UAVs made two missile attacks in the Pakistani tribal territories, killing at least twelve Islamic militants. Both attacks involved missiles hitting vehicles the militants were travelling in. This is the preferred method for attacking, as it avoids civilian casualties.

Maoist rebel leaders have threatened a terrorist campaign in cities if the government does not halt its offensive against Maoist controlled rural areas. The Maoists are calling for "peace talks" that will go nowhere, but will halt the fighting. The government is willing to start peace talks, but will not halt military operations. The anti-Maoist offensive has gradually begun in the last few weeks, as all the 70,000 additional troops and police arrived and prepared for action.

March 7, 2010: The Taliban in Pakistan have threatened to unleash thousands of suicide bomber if the security forces did not halt their operations against Islamic militants (attacks and arrests), and the Americans did not stop their UAV missile attacks. In all of last year, the Taliban and al Qaeda launched 87 suicide bomber attacks in Pakistan, killing over 1,300 people (most of them civilian.) The government response has been the largest military operation ever in the tribal territories. This has made even pro-government tribal leaders nervous. To the tribesmen, hatred of foreigners is an ancient custom, and anyone from outside the tribal territories is a foreigner. The government does not want to trigger an uprising of all (or most) of the tribes, but can no longer tolerate Islamic terrorists using the tribal lands as a sanctuary and base.


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mariner    News from the Slumdogs   3/14/2010 9:17:13 AM
-The recent visit of M.Singh in Russia is an opportunity for India to again sign billions of arms deals with Russia. Despite having sign similar contract with US, EU, and Israel, Russia is still a major arms provider for India. It is worth to note that each time M.Singh visit a foreign country, it is an opportunity for India to sign weapons deal and procurement. The recent visit of Singh in the US has been settled with Billions of promise that India would buy all the hi-tech and mass destruction weapons from the US militaro industry.
-During these recent days India has been rocked by strikes, manifestations and civil unrests (Times of India). The slumdogs are protesting against the rising prices of basic commodities and petroleum products. The government tries to prevent civil unrests through the release of new Bollywood films in which every Indian are billionaires and the Indian boys fall in love with a white female and where in every Bollymood films we could see more and more Eastern EU white female dancers. Bollywoods films have always been used as a dream world for the slumdogs to forget their harsh reality. So Bollywood has an obligation to release a maximun of millions of rupees budget films to prevent social protests. Now Bollywood has become a major industry worth of billions of dollar equivalent to the annual value of India's arms import.
-The Indian police forces deal with a very strong hand against such  social unrests. Protesters are heavily beaten with long batons and held in jail manu-military.
-Western media never report on these Indian social unrests given that they should preserve the good reputation of India. If such protests break up in China, CNN would be quick to report them and named them as 'China unrests' in an attempt to tarnish the reputation of China and use the human rights pretext as a tool to condemn China. The Indian police forces are not better than the Chinese communist police forces, the Indian police forces are even more violent against their own slumdogs than their Chinese counterparts.
-India is still considered by Westerners as a religious country- a hare krishna model of love and peace prevailing in the 70s. But for having live in India for 10 years I could tell strategypage that this is very far from what I had seen. 
-India is indeed a violent country where human life conditions are hundred times worst compare to China. Hindus radicals use to persecute ethnic minorities. They recently burn many catholic churches and kill many Indian catholic. Moreover there is growing violence between Hindu and Indian Muslim radicals. In the 90's thousand of Indians died in Hindu-Muslims ethnic violences regarding the construction of a mosque on Hindu holy soil. Western Media had never reported on such violences. Theft, mendicity and racketting prevail in all Indian cities outside the tourist circuit. In fact a white western tourist is never safe outside the traditional Indian tourist circuit.
-India is also home of Hindus radicals, mujahideens, Hindus terrorists and of course Islamist terrorist. The London and Glasgow terrorists bombings had an India connection. However Western media had played a low profile on this.
-Indians just like their Chinese counterparts kill their female babies and million of lost female babies have been reported. This is not only a Chinese issue as somebody in strategypage has commented on my view by believing that that only Chinese peasants who throw away their female babies. In fact the one child policy forces many desperate Chinese peasants to kill their first female born babies. This is not an excuse but the Indian are more to be blame given that thire is no such one child policy in India. Many problems and issues happening in China are not specific to China and many countries do face same problems.
-Just like communist China, India is also rocked by internal ethnic violences like Hindus vs catholic, Hindus vs Muslim and also the Indian government has launched a violent crackdown against the maoists. Para military and the Indian Army have launched a major offensive against the maoists who also have been using the rule of rackets, rape, murder and terrorism against Indian villagers. However such offensive has never been reported by Western media in view of preserving the good reputation of India. What would happen if China had launched similar offensive against its ethnic minority like the CIA led tibetans and Ouigur? China would have faced world condemnation and embargo. However such offensive by India is normal as India is a democracy (thanks to the British colonization which had installed the westmisterian type democracy in India or otherwise India would have been an African type dictatorship.)
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cwDeici       3/15/2010 8:02:56 PM
Interesting news about the offensive against Maoist forces. I hope they don't bully the local castless/lowest castes and Christians tho.
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