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Why Geography
India-Pakistan: July 14, 2002

 On the Afghan border, 13 Pakistani soldiers and police have died in battles with al Qaeda in the last two weeks. This has created more public anger against al Qaeda, who are perceived as a bunch of foreign outlaws. The US is supplying helicopters and four wheel drive vehicles to improve patrolling along the Afghan border. Pakistani police and army troops have never patrolled this part of the border before, so it takes time to figure out who is who (among the local tribesmen)  and what is normal behavior (moving herds, smuggling, visiting kin across the border.) The US FBI is providing intelligence information, and collecting data on what is going on in the lawless border area. In the last seven months, Pakistani police and army have arrested some 300 al Qaeda suspects. Several dozen have ended up in American custody in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.