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India-Pakistan: March 10, 2002

Firing across the Line of Control in Kashmir left one dead on the Indian side. There are still 800,000 Indian and Pakistani troops massed on the border. Casualties are being taken from friendly mine fields and the Winter weather. No one is saying how many troops have been killed, wounded or made sick by all this, but more stories are showing up in the media. It is known that the troops are spending less time manning front line positions and more time inside trying to stay warm and healthy.  Pakistani police arrested a wanted (for terrorism) Shiite militant as he returned from Iran. The Shiite radical groups in Pakistan receive aid from Shiite radicals in Iran.

The Hindu-Moslem violence in northern India has been suppressed by army troops. Some 680 died (some 620 of them Moslems). There are some 120 million Moslems living in India, mostly in the north.