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Chad: July 9, 2004

The Chadian MDJT rebels say they will ignore the Libyan ultimatum to bomb them. The Chadian tribesmen have contempt for Libyan military abilities. The MDJT, which used to be supported (with money and weapons) by Libya, is now angry at Libya for bankrolling the assassination of a senior MDJT leader in 2002.  This was a result of Libya deciding to stop supporting Chadian rebels (in order to get a more pro-Libya government in Chad) and to make peace with the existing Chadian government. 

Apparently greed and paranoia have taken over the MDJT negotiations to release their Algerian captives. The MDJT see their Algerian captives as a potential jackpot, and are asking astronomical suns of money for their release. The tribal rebels of the MDJT consider this a once in a lifetime opportunity. To poverty stricken tribesmen, the attention they are getting from  Libya, Algeria, Germany and other international organizations is a bit overwhelming.