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Subject: Highest German gallantry award for 14 US soldiers
Nasty German Idiot     4/21/2010 12:04:41 PM
"On behalf of the Federal Republic of Germany" and "for an outstanding deed beyond the call of duty", Federal Minister of Defence Karl-Theodor ZU GUTTENBERG has awarded 14 US-American officers, non-commissioned officers and enlisted personnel with the Honour Cross for Gallantry. The commander of NATO forces in Afghanistan, Stanley McCHRYSTAL, took part in the ceremony. On Good Friday, the US soldiers had evacuated German casualties from the combat zone under heavy fire. The Minister referred to the incident as "heavy combat where American soldiers risked their lives to rescue German troops". Zu Guttenberg announced the names of the recipients, among them a Captain, six Lieutenants and seven enlisted personnel.
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Nasty German Idiot       4/21/2010 12:05:36 PM" />
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buzzard       4/22/2010 9:06:40 AM
Impressive. I do have wonder if that is a first time for an American to get the top German honor.
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Nasty German Idiot       4/22/2010 9:27:48 AM" />
This award for exemplary bravery has only been introduced in 2007.  (after a petition by the German People to reintroduce the Iron Cross as an award for bravery) Only 8 have been handed out to German soldiers so far,  and the new 14 awards mean that there are at this moment actually more US than German soldiers carrying this award. However I suspect more will be awarded to German troops given the recent heavy fighting going on , last time it also took 3 month to clear who did what in combat and evaluate reports.
But I have seen US soldiers wear all kinds of badges and honors both earned in German training courses or for joint combat duties.  Examples are the "Fallschirmjäger badge",  or the "Einzelkämpferabzeichen".  (for completing the German Army paratrooper and survivor-course)
 ps: the picture in the above source is wrong, what I posted above is the right version. 
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buzzard       4/22/2010 9:34:29 AM
Actually I was thinking of the award as the equivalent of the Iron Cross (which let's be honest it is), and I have my doubts that an American ever held that honor. Of course I could well be wrong.
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maruben       4/22/2010 12:10:38 PM
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sentinel28a       4/22/2010 4:35:29 PM
I'm fairly certain that no American ever got the Iron Cross in any of its various forms. 
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Nasty German Idiot       5/12/2010 3:29:18 PM" />
 Found a pic showing the soldiers decorated with the Bundeswehr Gold Cross of Honor for outstanding deeds." />
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Nasty German Idiot       5/13/2010 8:18:09 AM" />" />" />
May 12
14 U.S. MEDEVAC crewmen are awarded the German Gold Cross for risking their lives to come to the rescue of German soldiers during a firefight in Kunduz, Afghanistan. Germany?s Gold Cross medal is one of the nation?s highest awards for valor and this is the first time in history foreigners have ever received the award
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