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Subject: Argentine submarine operations
Mark F    1/16/2004 8:02:21 AM
Only two of the Armada's 4 submarines took part in the Falklands war. Santa Fe was a ex-USN Guppy type and was attacked and crippled at Grytviken while attempting to land reinforcements. Her sister ship by this time was a spare parts resource and was not sea worthy, though the British could not be certain of this at the time. The modern Type 209/1200 submarine San Luis was much more of a threat and indeed fired six torpedo's in attacks on at least 2 British ships during the conflict. All malfunctioned due to a relatively minor but undetected fault in the fire control system. Her sister Salta was in refit during the conflict, a fact of which again the British were not certain. The Royal Navy expended, IIRC some 230 anti-submarine weapons from Limbo bombs to helicopter dropped depth charges and Mk 46 and Stingray torpedo's and one AS-12 missile during the conflict. Santa Fe was as mentioned damaged in one attack, San Luis captain claimed his boat never came under direct attack yet it was against his boat that most of this ordnance was expended.
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