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Subject: Does israel have the best Air Force?
Worf_Israel    8/17/2003 7:15:10 AM
By what im told it is said Israel has the best trained air force in the world (i find it to be very true). it has been proven that the Israeli air force has taken on incredible odds when it comes to air force battle for example: when Israel attack the Iraq's nuclear facility, Israel sent 5 F-15 fighters to destroy the nuclear lab facility - after the f-15 cross to Iraq's air space 25 MG-22/23 (cant remember the MG number) were sent to destroy the F-15. NOT ONLY did the israel complete their mission they destroyed all 25 enemy aircraft without losing one of their own. even today it is CLEAR FACT that most US Air Force Tactics are tactics that were shown by the Israel - even today Israel has joined training with the USA (they don't talk about it) and the Israel pilots teach American pilots.(note:if you didn't know Israel and the UK has more joined training with the USA then any other country)
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beckyone1    i am jewish so i would say yes but it also depends   8/19/2008 11:56:34 AM
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chicago    You are right   11/22/2010 12:48:02 AM
I have no idea where the 25 Migs comes from. The best account of the Israeli mission to knock out the Osirak reactor in Iraq is Dan McKinnon's Bullseye Iraq. He gives a very thorough account of the planing and operations based on interviews with planners. While they did plan on possible encounters with Iraqi Migs the fact is the attack was such a surprise that not one single MG left the ground. They were more worried abuot SAMs than anything else. 
No Israeli aces on that day because there were no targets to shoot at.  
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HeavyD       11/22/2010 8:24:26 AM
Since the question is about the best air force, the answer is a succinct 'no'.
1.  Equipment:  The US has the B2 and develops the most advanced birds.
2.  Naval air:  Yes, Naval air falls under the fold, and no other country in the world has more than a handful of pilots who can consistently land a real jet on a pitching deck.
3.  Size.  Yes, size matters as long as the equipment and pilots are of high quality.
Ask a different question, you might get a different answer.  Best air force, all things considered is easily the US armed forces.
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Othon       12/9/2010 3:08:06 PM
Well, IAF is basically a miniature of USAF. Of course now IAF is less advanced because USAF has F-22 for instance.
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JFKY    I'll chime in with,   12/9/2010 4:06:56 PM
"NO,"  As well.
Numbers and Tech all favour the US.
Tell again about the stunning success of the Israeli Air Force in 1973....
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strategy page    facts are wrong   5/23/2011 2:11:41 AM
the french may have a air force. but have they ever used it. w1 or ww11 they all surrendered after reading nostradamus.
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Heorot    Strategy Page   5/24/2011 2:29:03 PM

the french may have a air force. but have they ever used it. w1 or ww11 they all surrendered after reading nostradamus.

In case you hadn't noticed, the French Air Force is, AT THE MOMENT, conducting active military operation in Libya. So your comment is not only wrong but displays utter ignorance of world affairs.
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Nasir Shah       8/5/2012 11:17:50 PM
Well Its true that Israel has top ranking Air Force but its ranking should not be judged directly by its achievements because they have fought few Middle Eastern countries with outstanding performance but the air force of those countries is like kite flying.   
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HeavyD       8/7/2012 1:21:47 AM

Flying in uncontested skies is hardly a test of an air force.  That said the French make, fly and use some pretty impressive warplanes and missiles.
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HeavyD       8/13/2012 12:54:05 AM
'NutherYahoo is rattling the saber again about Iran.  Looks like we may have another data point in this argument soon enough.  If the Israelis don't have enough capability to take out Iranian nuclear sites by themselves then the answer will be a resounding 'No'.
Yaweh help us if the US has to save Israel's tuchus again. 
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