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Subject: Does israel have the best Air Force?
Worf_Israel    8/17/2003 7:15:10 AM
By what im told it is said Israel has the best trained air force in the world (i find it to be very true). it has been proven that the Israeli air force has taken on incredible odds when it comes to air force battle for example: when Israel attack the Iraq's nuclear facility, Israel sent 5 F-15 fighters to destroy the nuclear lab facility - after the f-15 cross to Iraq's air space 25 MG-22/23 (cant remember the MG number) were sent to destroy the F-15. NOT ONLY did the israel complete their mission they destroyed all 25 enemy aircraft without losing one of their own. even today it is CLEAR FACT that most US Air Force Tactics are tactics that were shown by the Israel - even today Israel has joined training with the USA (they don't talk about it) and the Israel pilots teach American pilots.(note:if you didn't know Israel and the UK has more joined training with the USA then any other country)
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USN-MID    RE:Does israel have the best Air Force?   5/18/2004 1:29:10 PM
When there are only about...oh say 4 major defense aircraft producing nations, they're obviously "among the best." However, their pilot training hours as of a 2001 report are simply atrocious. Furthermore, with such few hours, that means very little of it, if any, is spent in combat training. Combat training is dangerous and requires basic proficiency going into it.
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DON HECTOR    RE:Does israel have the best Air Force?   7/7/2004 8:49:29 PM
i agree with tony77 that the russan air force is the best i mean look at their jets specialt the mig-31 and the su-37 u cant find a mach thats in service right now for this planes in all the westren airforces the only weaknes in the russian airforce is the lack of funding.....
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Adamantine    RE:Does israel have the best Air Force?   7/8/2004 4:36:08 AM
Isreal probably has the third best air force when quality and quantity is factor in. US is first and Russia is second (due mainly to contribution from large number of Su-27 and MIG-31).
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DON HECTOR    RE:Does israel have the best Air Force?   7/8/2004 10:43:16 AM
i think that it will be: 1-USAF 2-RUSSIAN AIRFORCE (due to LACK OF FUNDING or else it would`ve been no:1) 3-THR ROYAL AIRFORCE 4-THE FRENCH AIRFORCE 5-THE SWIDISH AIRFORCE 6-THR ISRAILI AIRFOCE 7-the german airfoce
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ya2    RE:Does israel have the best Air Force? - don hector   7/24/2004 1:53:50 PM
5-THE SWIDISH AIRFORCE ? let me guess.. you are from .................
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DON HECTOR    RE:Does israel have the best Air Force?..ya2   7/26/2004 12:24:02 AM
wrong guess amigo....
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stratego    RE:Does israel have the best Air Force?   9/23/2004 6:27:27 PM
My understanding (from reading) is that US elite forces (such as airborne) have been cross-training with those of other countries at least since the Vietnam era. Colonel Anthony herbert describes this in his book Soldier and has nothing but respect for the guys in the other countries. Everybody has their own tricks. You can only get better if you share with allies. America is the best country in history with the best military in the world, but if we become arrogant, we will lose what we have.
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IAFbestinworld    not the best, but close   9/23/2004 6:49:05 PM
I wouldn't say that Israel has the world's BEST air force, but I would say its up there ( 2 maybe 3 or 4). The reason being the USAF contains stealth bombers and Israel does not. Israel's bombing of a target right near damascus a few months ago was a huge deal to every one, but if the USAF bombed damascus it would seem easy. Iraq is another example. Israel could not launch an aerial campaign against Baghdad as the US did. (They could still attack targets in Iraq though). However, Israel contains an incedible air force and if i were an enemy of Israel I would not try and attack it from the air. Also, as other countries are developing better aircraft (ex eurofighter) the israelis are instead devloping better missiles to level the playing field (python 5).
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Worf_Israel    Thank you everyone   10/2/2004 10:58:32 AM
After about what seems like a HOLE YEAR! which this post has been active, i like to thank everyone for there opinion and thoughts. I have learned a lot of useful information. See you all around.
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capt soap    RE:Us should give Isreal half there f117   2/9/2005 11:31:29 PM
As the us gets more f-22's,and plent of b-2's, to aid Isreal for concessions in the west bank, and giving land,I think we should give Isreal half our f-117's.
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