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Subject: ESSM question?
Supedhornet34    7/28/2003 11:48:25 AM
Is the ESSM in service yet? I thought it was supposed to be deployed aboard newer arleigh burke class destroyers?
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macawman    RE:ESSM question?   7/28/2003 11:39:36 PM
Looks like it is being deployed with the US & NATO fleets.
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megaton    RE:ESSM question?   8/14/2003 10:15:56 AM
the essm (RIM-162) should be operational this year or next
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Brock    RE:ESSM question?   12/4/2003 11:47:20 PM
The ESSM will not be fully operational for a few years, but this only means a limited number of ships will be equipped and will have some restrictions on their use. Essentially, the ESSM is getting the bugs worked out until the rest of the ships get the missile.
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Aussiegunner    RE:ESSM question?   12/5/2003 12:32:28 AM
As far as I know they are operational on Australia's latest ANZAC frigates, in 16 cell launchers.
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gf0012-aus    RE:ESSM question?   12/5/2003 1:28:18 AM
SUCCESSFUL TEST OF AN EVOLVED SEA SPARROW MISSILE CONTROLLED BY SAAB'S 9LV COMBAT MANAGEMENT SYSTEM 31 October 2003 14:34:02 $20 Million Project Proves Successful An Evolved Sea Sparrow Missile (ESSM) controlled by Saab Systems’ 9LV combat management system (CMS) has been successfully fired by the Royal Australian Navy during Operational Test and Evaluation (OT&E) trials at the United States Navy Pacific Missile Range Facility off the coast of Hawaii. The ESSM is a next generation ship self-defence weapon that provides increased protection against the latest anti-ship missiles. According to Saab Systems’ Group Manager Naval Systems, Mr Tony Davis, the successful OT&E missile firing from an ANZAC class frigate demonstrates Saab Systems’ ability to adapt and develop its proven product base to provide enhanced warfighting capabilities for the ANZAC class and other navies’ frigates.
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gf0012-aus    RE:ESSM question, aust'n navy cont'd   12/5/2003 1:29:04 AM
Saab supplied the integrated 9LV453 Command and Control, Fire Control and target surveillance system which was integrated with a Continuous Wave Solid State Illuminator, from Australian company, CEA Technologies, and the Mk41 Vertical Launch System, from Lockheed Martin, that launched and guided the missile to successful target engagement. Automatic air defence coordination is provided by the Saab CMS to further increase the effectiveness of the warship’s defences and the protection for other high value ships such as troop carriers. The test firing is a major achievement for the Australian Defence Force and it marks the inclusion of several combat system upgrades in the 9LV system. The RAN ANZAC Class will now be the first navy worldwide to bring the ESSM Missile into active service. This success clearly demonstrates the ability of Australian Industry to cooperate with US companies to assure commonality and interoperability with the USN and other allied navies.
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