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Subject: GSG9 withdraws from Kabul and Bagdad
Nasty German Idiot     1/3/2009 10:27:09 AM
The German Institutions and Embassies in Afghanistan and Iraq will see a change of guard in the next weeks, as the GSG9 is withdrawn from guard duties in both countries. Security will be taken over by newly raised units called "Personenschutz in Krisengebieten" (literally: "Crisis-Area Bodyguard Unit") The measure was neccessary to free GSG9 forces for "other duties", which were not disclosed. The new Unit will like GSG9 consist of Soldiers coming from the German Border Guards. YYYttp://,1518,599271,00.html
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le_corsaire    Just one small comment ...   1/19/2009 7:28:32 AM
GSG 9 are not soldiers, but members of the Federal Police Forces. Since the 90s the do no longer have combattant status and thus can not be deployed in war scenarios. The military pendant would be the German KSK.
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