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Subject: Stryker and Crew Survive 500 Pound Bomb
    10/11/2004 11:15:24 PM" border="0" />

The picture is of a U.S. Army Stryker that was hit by a 500 pound roadside bomb in northern Iraq on October 8th. The Stryker was hit on the right side while travelling down the road at about 60 kilometers an hour. The bomb was in a car parked by the side of the road, and went off as the Stryker drove by. The Stryker flipped over one and a half times and skidded about 30 feet. This bomb was so powerful that it knocked out lights in the rooms of soldiers at a base 2400 meters away. There were four soldiers in the Stryker, and none were hurt (aside from a ringing in the ears...). When the Stryker was flipped back upright, it was still able to move under its own power.

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Proud2BAmerican    RE:Stryker and Crew Survive 500 Pound Bomb   10/12/2004 8:09:12 AM
WOW -- what can we do to get more of these Stryker's for our soldiers? Thank God the crew is safe. Proud American Mom
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Final Historian    RE:Stryker and Crew Survive 500 Pound Bomb   10/12/2004 1:31:36 PM
I think that we can safetly put to rest the notion that Strykers are unsafe. I seriously doubt a M113 could take that.
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cece    RE:Stryker and Crew Survive 500 Pound Bomb   10/13/2004 7:30:31 PM
My son could be in one of the survivors. Happy he is in a Stryker. And bless those Ghost Riders.
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displacedjim    RE:Does 500 Pound Bomb weighs 500 lb?   10/15/2004 6:37:49 PM
Well, first a "500 pound roadside bomb" isn't necessarily a bomb made using a Mk82 500 pound bomb. I think IEDs and VBIEDs are usually measured by the estimated weight of explosive used. Regarding Mk82 500 pound bombs, they contain almost 200 pounds of explosive. I believe the Air Force bombs use RDX which is a little bit more energetic than TNT. Displacedjim
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doggtag    moved under its own power?   10/15/2004 7:12:27 PM
...then perhaps someone could explain that the @ss-end of the HEMTT wrecker sitting right in front of the Stryker just so happened to be a HEMTT wrecker sitting where the Stryker driver chose to stop? By the picture, it's quite obvious the suspension elements on at least the right side were considerably damaged: doubtful the vehicle moved under its own power any distance in such a condition. Is this an official DoD report stating the vehicle achieved this? (and if this is the same vehicle, why is the wrecker so obviously close to it in this photo?) Anyone care to clarify this, please? .
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displacedjim    RE:moved under its own power?   10/15/2004 7:41:53 PM
"It was still able to move under its own power" doesn't necessarily mean it made the trip home under its own power. :-) Parse and fisk, doggtag, parse and fisk... Displacedjim
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Kozzy    RE:moved under its own power?   10/16/2004 9:55:59 AM
It could probably scrape the ground under it's own power.
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doggtag    RE:moved under its own power?   10/17/2004 5:00:15 PM the same way a broken-off piece of a lizard's tail moves under its own power? Rev the engine high enough, certainly the vehicle is bound to shake and wobble (technically, that's moving.) .
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mudshark    RE:moved under its own power?   10/17/2004 5:59:27 PM
Does it come in blue.thinking of getting one for the wife
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doggtag    RE:moved under its own power?   10/17/2004 6:49:43 PM
If your wife is having that much difficulty (ambushes, IEDs, SUVs) going to soccer practice and the store, you might want to consider moving to a safer neighborhood! .
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