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Subject: Slava Rossija!!
mustavaris    10/13/2005 3:55:47 PM
If the news from the Caucasus are true, then congratulations! Hopefully Shamil Basayev has been killed in recent fighting when terrorists attacked the town of Nalchik. One more reason for lilŽ celebration during the weekend..
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Shirrush    RE:Slava Rossija!!   10/16/2005 12:06:36 PM
Yeah, sure, and bin Laden was crushed by the collapse of his Kashmiri cave during the quake, and Zarqawi died of the wounds he received last May around el-Qaim, and of course Ayman al-Zawahiri fell off his bicycle and was then overrun by an ice-cream vendor's van in Karachi traffic, and the Jammyiat terrorists of Indonesia don't even exist since the attacks are just another Army plot to create an atmosphere favourable for a coup...
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mustavaris    Shirrush.   10/17/2005 5:36:12 AM
Well well... They got Dudayev, they got emir Khattab, they got Mashkhadov... Obviously not Basayev this time, but his days are numbered.
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mustavaris    And now they were numbered!   7/11/2006 9:08:15 AM
Finally. Cheers, I will drink for Basayevs death.
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Cato    RE:And now they were numbered!   7/11/2006 7:00:23 PM
Nostrovnja, Rodina! One bitch-ass, beard farmer down. Score one for the "good" guys. Cato
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Shirrush    RE:And now they were numbered!   7/11/2006 7:31:09 PM
Yup! This time it looks like they finally got him! Too bad this turd cannot be killed again. and again.
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