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Subject: Options In Ukraine
SYSOP    3/30/2023 5:13:02 AM
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davebarnes       3/30/2023 11:01:38 AM
Russia 100% out. Then have peace talks.
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Fanatic       3/30/2023 12:03:09 PM
The only way this can end sanely is if someone offers Putin immunity and protects him in exile, and he takes the deal. Build him a mansion on a Pacific Island somewhere.
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timon_phocas       4/1/2023 12:03:11 PM
Howdy Fanatic, Putin needs asylum and freedom from prosection for peace? He can always convert to Islam, then Saudi Arabia will give him lifetime asylum. It worked for Idk Amin
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voland       4/1/2023 5:04:28 PM
@Fanatic You have the same problem that many others have in America and Western Europe: you think you are dealing with a normal individual. You are not. His and his supporters' view of reality is very different from normal. Kind of like in American "woke" circles: they think that one can become a woman by wanting. Putin thinks he can become a Tzar and turn Russia into a 19th-century empire by wanting.
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