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Subject: New German Artillery
Nasty German Idiot     9/12/2004 6:17:32 AM
Germany has recently developed a new artillery that can be transported in an A-400 M Transporter, the interesting thing is that it is a combination of an PZH 2000 and an MRLS. pics: I wrote this one in english : the original thread, in German:
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doggtag    RE:New German Artillery   9/12/2004 6:52:56 AM
Interesting concept. Is the turret fully automated? Because it looks like it would be damn cramped otherwise..
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PuckaMan    RE:New German Artillery   9/13/2004 8:19:49 AM
I was under the impression that this is a training vehicle - lighter, more transportable and saves wear and tear on the PzH2000 chassis. Cheaper, too. Is it just a training vehicle? Or are they putting this into scale production? Pucka
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doggtag    RE:New German Artillery   9/14/2004 10:20:25 AM
If they put this into production, it may compromise orders for the PzH2000. Why buy that if this new thing is cheaper? More sensibly, seeing as UDLP builds the chassis also, I could see United Defense taking this approach and building an automated, long range 105mm gun off the technology they gleaned from the South African LEO project. Certainly such a system, using the gun turret instead of the MLRS rocket system (but retaining the fire control system, or a modified version of it, and cabin) might have a decent market potential. But if it IS 155mm, then it seems like Germany would shoot itself in the foot offering it up against the PzH2000. As for being a purely training vehicle: how much money went into developing it, how much would it cost to field, equip, and train with it, and how much money for the additional logistics to support it? It seems that using the PzH2000 for its own training is more sensible. Looking at the comparison of the M109 beside it, it didn't seem at first to be a 155mm gun. So then I started to wonder: is there the possibility they developed a 120mm artillery system off the Leo2's main gun? Smoothbore sucks for artillery: the shells have to be a different, fin-stabilized design to be effective. So I suggested then that it is a supplemental 105mm system. Because I still say, it would compromise PzH2000 orders if it was a combat-capable 155mm gun system. Anybody see anything else about it, perhaps it's in the latest Jane's info? .
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count von moltke    RE:New German Artillery   1/24/2005 5:14:36 AM
maybe is just a platform to test new artillery guns .....
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