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Subject: Some scans of rare German Artillery Documents
Nasty German Idiot     4/3/2008 8:53:56 AM
Taken from Artillery Manouvers from 1764 - 1801, differend guns and calibers. Original Property of the State Archive in Marburg.
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Nasty German Idiot       4/3/2008 9:05:08 AM
12 Pounder,  400, 600 and 800 "step" distance.  (I dont know if its possible to translate the old Prussian measurement of "Schritt" into "feet" or if that collides with the metric system.)">

Same distance, this time 20 pound mortar:">

60 pound mortar">

6 pounder, 350 steps distance">

Artillery manouver near Kassel, 6th October 1770.">

6 pounder, 400 steps distance">

This one shows the accurancy of 6 pounder cannons, from 100 - 700 steps distance">

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Nasty German Idiot       4/3/2008 9:20:11 AM
Manouver near Kassel, 1801:">

English flying infantry, 1800.">

Sadlery flying artillery">

Congreves "burning" rockets, 1813:">
book cover, reading:  "Congreves burning rockets, such as used during the siege of Copenhagen 1807 and by the British in the War of 1813.">

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YelliChink       4/3/2008 10:21:44 AM
Great documents! Thanks again for sharing.

BTW, what is Schrit?

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Nasty German Idiot       4/3/2008 11:24:47 AM
"Schritt" is the German word for "step" ...
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Carl S       4/5/2008 7:00:08 PM
Sehr gut.  The grided target with the bulls eye ring brings back some memorys of rifle shooting.  The targets sat above a concrete and dirt protected trench.  The off relay sat in the trench and marked the shot with disks and poles similar to the gentleman in the illustration, so the shooter could fine tune his rifle sights or alter his technique.

Judging from the results on the targets the six pounder gun is definitly a shortranged weapon.  
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