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Subject: Worldwide Disagreements About Ukraine War
SYSOP    3/28/2023 5:50:15 AM
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Fanatic       3/29/2023 7:15:07 AM
There are American politicians who speak out regularly against Zelenskyy. Could they be somehow compromised by Russia?
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africanboy       3/30/2023 5:43:57 PM
You are forgetting Kenya is a democracy. When a previous President tried to rig the elections a few years ago, Kenya's Supreme Court Backed the Elections Commission and threw out the initial results and ordered the elections to be retaken.
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Plissken       3/30/2023 6:33:35 PM
Fanatic, Your comment illustrates the blindness of the US foreign policy establishment perfectly. Do you really believe anyone who disagrees with Victoria Nuland, who orchestrated the Ukraine coup after making a dog's breakfast of Iraq, is by definition a Russian asset? Some people are actually worried about protecting US borders and the US economy, not empire building by President 10% for the Big Guy and his son's, Romney's son and John Kerry's son's shady Ukrainian connections. If sending hundreds of billions to Ukraine, triggering an alliance between Russia and China against the US and letting hundreds of thousands die on the altar of American Empire are worth it, please buy a ticket to Kiev, grab a rifle and stand a post. Leave the rest of us out of this madness.
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Toryu88       4/5/2023 10:36:25 AM
This is just another proxy war, just noisier and more expensive than those in Africa and South America during the 1980's. I seem to remember that the Ukraine was once part of the Soviet Empire and the world didn't end. I understand that Europeans have long memories and I recall the Ukrainians welcomed the German invaders as liberators in 1941. They still hate the Russians. Probably due to Stalin wiping out their entire middle class during the Ukrainian Holocaust, what they call the Holodomor, during forced agricultural collectivization. Over ten million were starved to death by the seizure of harvested crops by the government. I am pretty sure, that the US presidential advisors see this proxy war as the same kind of drain on Russia as Reagan and Bill Casey CIA director saw the Star Wars and military buildup of the 80's that led to the bloodless collapse of the Soviet Union and the freeing of nine occupied countries and the creation of 14 independent states (some more than others). Why not send them arms to fight. Keep the Russians occupied and economically crippled. Its a win win scenario. We could do the same to China if only people would stop buying there marginally less expensive crap.
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