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Subject: Looking for First-Hand Vaccination Experience
displacedjim    10/11/2004 9:01:07 AM
Anyone out there have any no-sh!t first-hand knowledge one way or the other about medical issues like anthrax vaccine or Gulf War Syndrome? Displacedjim ================================= Ex-DAFB commander says troops used as guinea pigs Military denies that illness of pilots, crew caused by squalene By LEE WILLIAMS and HIRAN RATNAYAKE The News Journal 10/10/2004 A former Dover Air Force Base commander says military officials used his troops as guinea pigs in illegal medical experiments under the government's controversial anthrax vaccination program. After some of his troops in their 20s and 30s began developing arthritis, neurological problems, memory loss and incapacitating migraine headaches, Col. Felix Grieder took a drastic step. In 1999, he halted the vaccination program in Dover, a move he said ended his military career. The decorated Air Force colonel has spent the past five years trying to discover the truth about the vaccine program in Dover, where he commanded 4,000 troops. "In my opinion, there was illegal medical experimentation going on," says Grieder, who lives in Texas. Grieder has interviewed scores of his former pilots and crew who say they have had life-altering reactions to the vaccine. "They would have no reason to lie. I believed them," he recalls. "I wanted to talk to them face to face." Dover is now ground zero in the controversy because troops there were injected with anthrax vaccine containing squalene, a fat-like substance that occurs naturally in the body. Squalene boosts a vaccine's effect, but some scientists say injecting even trace amounts of it into the body can cause serious illness. Government officials have acknowledged that the Department of Defense secretly tested squalene on human beings in Thailand. Grieder believes they did the same in Dover. In a March 1999 report, the General Accounting Office accused the Defense Department of a "pattern of deception" and said the military confirmed human tests involving squalene only after investigators found out about them. The Department of Defense says vaccine sent to Dover was accidentally contaminated with squalene. Grieder and other officers believe, however, that it was intentionally introduced to test pilots and crew in Dover. The Defense Department made anthrax inoculations mandatory for all active-duty military personnel in 1998. The immunization order, which remains in effect today, calls for six shots over an 18-month period. Defense officials deny that military personnel were illegally used as guinea pigs to test a vaccine containing squalene. But a News Journal investigation raises significant questions about the military's denials and the safety of the vaccine: • Of the first 50 batches of vaccine distributed worldwide for the mandatory inoculations, only five contained squalene - and those were all shipped to Dover. After denying for more than a year that there was squalene in the vaccinations given at Dover, the Air Force admitted in 2000 that it had been wrong. • The five batches of vaccine sent to Dover contained increasing concentrations of squalene, Food and Drug Administration tests show. Some scientists say the pattern of squalene concentration could indicate that the military was measuring the troops' response to different dosages. Professor Dave Smith, a microbiologist at the University of Delaware, is one: "I'm certainly not saying they did or didn't do it. But you have to ask yourself, if you have five data points like that, what are the odds of that happening?" • The Defense Department has rejected the evidence that the vaccine ever contained squalene. It has steadfastly contended that FDA technicians introduced squalene into the vaccine test via a "dirty fingerprint." The FDA has refused to explain its laboratory procedures for the tests. The military has never retested its stockpile of vaccine for squalene, claiming that, even if the amounts of squalene detected by the FDA were accurate, the concentrations were too low to affect human health. The department continues to require the vaccination for all military personnel - active duty, reserve and National Guard. • Tulane University professor Robert Garry testified before Congress that even trace amounts of squalene injected into the human body suppress the immune system. In an interview with The News Journal, he said the body's response can cause some young and middle-age people to get illnesses normally associated with aging. • Tulane University professor Pamela Asa and Baylor College of Medicine professor Dorothy Lewis have concluded that squalene's possible links to serious human illnesses should be studied further. The military has dismissed Asa's studies as inconclusive, although it has conducted no follow-up research on the health effects of squalene. Troops' consent required Military and international law expressly forbid experiments on troops without their informed consent. Fede
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Kathy    RE:Looking for First-Hand Vaccination Experience   11/27/2004 9:23:39 PM
Hello, I was looking up certain news articles this evening, and ran across your post. I hope it's not too late to answer your inquiry. We are the Military Vaccine Education Center, Inc., at, and its spin-off PAC, the Military Vaccine Action Committee at We can answer questions you may have about the anthrax vaccine and Gulf War Syndrome. We're are not affiliated with the military in any way, but are a citizens' activist group helping troops and veterans with resources, referrals, information and networking - and, on the PAC side, encouraging political action to permanently stop medical experimentation on the troops. Please write to us at and let us know how we can help you. Sincerely, Kathryn D. Hubbell, President Military Vaccine Education Center, Inc. - and Military Vaccine Action Committee, L.L.C. -
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rocket    RE:Looking for First-Hand Vaccination Experience   12/30/2004 11:11:18 PM
Anyone looking for more information on this topic should by the recently released book, Vaccine-A by Gary Matsumoto. Check his discussion board at: Also the Homeland Security Policy Institute Group recently became aware of this situation because of our interest in all things involving bioterrorism. Check our forums section at: (click on security forums left margin) Also monitor ongoing discussion at: Ron Wright, Moderator HSPIG Forums Site
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soldiersadvocate    RE:Looking for First-Hand Vaccination Experience   10/8/2005 12:35:25 PM
SYMPTOMS (Please check all that apply) - Some of these are symptoms, others are Diangosis's (see 2nd Page) Abdominal Pains/Cramps (S) Fainting Spells (D) Muscle Spasms Acid-Reflux (D) Fatigue (S) Muscle Weakness(D) Adult-Onset Stills Disease (D) Fertility Problems (D) Myofascial Pain Syndrome Allergies (D)Fever (S) Nausea(D) ALS (D) Fibromyalgia (S) Neck Pain (D) Anaphylaxis Shock (D) Flu-Like Symptoms (S) Nosebleeds Anxiety (D) Fluid Build-Up (S)(intracranial) Numbness/Tingling in Extremetie(all4)(D) Aplastic Anemia (S) Gastrointestinal Disorders (D) Offspring Deformalities Arthritis/Rheumatoid Arthritis (D) GERD (S) Optic Neuritis Asthma (S) Graves Disease (S)Organ Failure(S) Autoimmune Disorder (D) Gray-Outs (D)Panic Attacks Back Pain (D) (lower) Guillian-Barre Syndrome (S) Paralysis(D) (right side) Bells Palsy (D) Gynecoligical Disorders (D) Paranoia Bipolar Hair Loss Paresthia (D) Birth Defects on Offspring Heart Attack (S) Peripheral neurpathy (S) Black-Outs (D) Heart Disease(S) Pneumonia Blindness/Renal Failure (D) Heart Lesions Psorias Blisters (S) Heart Murmur Rapid Heart Palpations (D)97 bpm Blood Clots (S) High Blood Pressure(D) Rash(D) Blood Disorder (D) Hip Pain(S) Rectal Bleeding Blood/Mucus in Stool (S) Hives(D) RSDD Blood Pressure Spikes (S) x Hot Flashes(S) Requires Apparatus to Walk Body Aches (S) x Hypertension(D) Required(s) Breathing Apparatus(D)(PAP) Brain Damage (S) Insomnia (D) Respiratory Problems(D) Cancer (S) (Testicular) Irritable Bowel Syndrome Right Bundle Branch Block Carpal Tunnel (S) Irritability (D) Ringing in the Ear(S) Chills (S) x Joint Pain(S) Seizure Disorder Chronic Cough(S) Leukemia Sexual Malfunctions(D) Chronic Fatigue (D) Lesions Shortness of Breath(D) Chronic Pain (D) Light Sensitivity(S) Sinus Problems(D) Cognitive Problems (S) Liver Damage(S) Sjogrens Syndrome x Colitis (S) Loss Sense of Direction x Skin Sensitivity x Concentration Problems (S) x Loss Sense of Time x Sleep Apnea(D) x Constipation (S) x Lost Driving Priviledges Sleeping Problems x Crohn's Disease (S) Lost Flying Status Steve-Johnson Syndrome Cysts (TESTES) Lou Gherig's Disease Stomach Problems Death Lung Disease(D)(COPD changes/bilateral airtrapping ) Stroke(S) x Dehydration (S) Lupus Suicidal Thoughts x Depression (D) Malaise(S) Sweating Problems x Diabetes (S) Memory Loss x Swelling in Extremities (S) Diarrhea (S) x Meniere's Disease Swollen Glands (D) Digestive Problems (S) x Migraines/Headaches(D) Testicular Problems(D) hypogandism Disorientation (S) x Miscarriage Testosterone Problems x DVT (D) Mood Disturbances(D) x Thyroid Disease(S) Eczema (D) Multiple Sclerosis Tightness/Pain in Chest x Extremity Failure (S) (Specify where) x (arms/legs) Muscle Pain(D) x Tremors x SYMPTOMS Cont'd (Please check all that apply) - Some of these are symptoms, others are Diangosis's Tumors Vomiting Weight Loss x Vertigo x Weakened Immune System x Others (please specify) Vision Problems x (blur, tunnel) Weight Gain x weight fluctuates approx 15 lbs every 2wks Were you hospitalized or sent the the Emergency Room/ICU? If yes, please describe circumstances (use separate sheet if necessary) Yes, Both Hospitalized in the ICU for three days and seen in ER at hospital twice for Stroke symptoms, and once for spinal tap. VACCINATION INFORMATION (Anthrax Vaccine (AVA) Information Below) Type of Vaccination Received Date Received Lot Number (if known) Smallpox (Anthrax info below) Dec. 10, 2003 4020071 "Have you contacted a Vaccine Healthcare Center? Yes" AVA Lot No. Date Received AVA #1 NA 4/1/2003 AVA #2 NA 4/15/2003 If yes, which one? AVA #3 74 4/29/2003 Lackland AFB AVA #4 73 12/10/2003 AVA #5 AVA #6 AVA #7 AVA #8 MILITARY MEDICAL TREATMENT *Please describe what medical treatment has been completed through military channels (Use separate sheet if necessary) Was a VAERS form filed? Did you receive an exemption? Do you have work restrictions? Yes, Permanent Profile P2 P4. here is a couple of good links I found after My husband had all these adverse reactions to his anthrax shots: Tainted Lot Numbers The Truth About It all!! I hope You have Good Luck with Finding answers. The people on th eVaccine A site have been MOST helpful to us!! contact he is the founder of that site for more answers.
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shek    RE:Looking for First-Hand Vaccination Experience   4/22/2006 10:54:10 PM
My vaccination experience has been the more you receive, the more likely you are to get shot at.
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