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Subject: 14.5mm HMG
super general    10/6/2004 8:51:03 AM
Up to what range of targets can the Russian 14.5mm engage? I suppose anything less than an armored vehicle would be torn to shreds.
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towgunner1960    RE: mk19   1/6/2005 12:39:04 AM
A 40mm grenade from a mk19 will only penetrate 2 inches of armor. There is no way in hell you could kill a mbt with one. Maybe a hyper velocity 40mm cannon might, but a 40mm grenade, never. We had problems killing t54-55 with a m72 law rocket which had a 66mm warhead on it, so how is a warhead which can fit in the palm of your hand going to kill one? Maybe if you was on top of a building and shot straight down at a 90 degree angle but that would be almost impossible and even then only on the oldest of tanks......
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displacedjim    RE:14.5mm HMG   1/6/2005 9:54:53 AM
Okay, that's what I thought you must have meant, because that's what I meant. Drop a bunch of 40mm grenades on a tank and sooner or later you'll disable it. Continue development of guided rounds and one day we could have one that can disable a tank with "one shot, one kill" reliability. I agree, the 40mm Mk-19 machine gun and its future derivatives are an awesome weapon system for embedded fire support at the squad/platoon level. Displacedjim
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