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Subject: Scruffy Leopards Straggle In
SYSOP    3/19/2023 5:47:04 AM
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Fanatic       3/20/2023 4:06:07 AM
"Because it uses jet fuel"? I only heard redditers saying that. Australia runs their M1s on diesel., incidentally. The thing will run on any fuel. although low-vapor pressure fuels like diesel, kerosene, and jet fuel are safer to handle and safer in combat if a tank gets hit.
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jer7148       3/21/2023 7:25:29 AM
Unless something drastic changes, Ukraine isn't going to get M1s transferred from the US Army. US Military M1s have depleted Uranium in the composite armor matrix. M1s sold to or manufactured in foreign nations to include Australia, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Iraq, Egypt, etc; do not. That's why the plan right now is to provide Ukraine new build or remanufactured M1s.
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Toryu88       3/24/2023 10:14:20 AM
This should come as no surprise to the regular readers of this website. In previous articles the sorry and pathetic state of the Bundeswehr armored force has been well documented. Sure they've tried to make up for sitting on their arses comfortably under the nuclear umbrella provided by the US and UK and hiding behind the "trip wire" of former eastern block countries. Now when the rubber meets the road, they come up short. Duh! I lived and worked in West Germany during the early 1970s as a high school dependent. and I knew, worked and socialized with German draftees and I was not impressed. This was during dire times and our draftees were no better in all actuality. Everyone wanted to be somewhere else doing something other than being in the military. Here it is 50 years later and things look even worse. Merkel had the Bundeswehr sit on its collective hands while she worried about how green things were. We can only thank god that the Russian Bear has proven to be toothless. Apparently we spent billions on conventional weapons to defend Europe when Russia probably could not have fought their way through Poland. I don't have a lot of faith that the Poles, Hungarians, Czechs and others would have shed blood to advance the Russian/Soviet's territorial and political aims. We will never know now, but the current events are showing us that the Russians are still as inept now militarily as they were back in 1939 when they tried to invade and subdue Finland and got their asses handed to them. Sure they helped win WWII but the Russians suffered 8.6 million KIA out of 23 million casualties total. Imagine the cost if they hadn't been kept afloat by Western aid and Germany hadn't been distracted by four additional fronts on which they had to fight courtesy of the US and Britain. People crow about the 250,000 axis casualties at Stalingrad. Well what about the 250,000 casualties the Axis suffered when Tunis fell? The Germans knew, they called it Tunisgrad. The Soviets just swamped the West with propaganda and we've continued to believe it for the last 84 years.
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