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Oblique Flying Wing



An Oblique Flying Wing (OFW) aircraft is an asymmetric flying wing that varies sweep in flight to improve high speed performance. The variable sweep is achieved asymmetrically on the oblique wing, with one wing swept forward and the other swept aft. A supersonic, variable sweep OFW holds the promise of being very efficient in both high speed cruise and long endurance low speed loiter. Possible missions that would take advantage of the combination of high and low speed performance could include: penetrating intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR); long range bombing; hunter/killer; and multimission aircraft. A supersonic aircraft capable of long loiter times would have a revolutionary impact on the battlefield, necessitating fewer combat aircraft and fewer tankers to accomplish mission objectives. The OFW program will integrate technologies such as advanced controls to develop and fly a supersonic X-Plane to demonstrate the feasibility of the concept.

Program Plans

  • Develop oblique wing concept design.
  • Define, develop and demonstrate key oblique wing component technologies.
  • Begin system design for an objective oblique wing system and a flight demonstrator.
  • Develop preliminary design and detailed design of oblique wing flight demonstrator aircraft.

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