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USS Belleau Wood Sunk

Posted 7/20/2006

USS Belleau Wood (LHA 3), the third ship in the Tarawa Class, was commissioned 1978. After many years service, including a long tour homeported in Japan, she was decommissioned on October 28. In Jully 2006 she was used as a target off Hawaii. Although she absorbed several hits by anti-ship missiles, she did not go down until scuttling charges were detonated along her bottom.

39,000 tons
833 feet long
Carries six Harriers, 50 helicopters and 1,900 Marines
Crew of 964

Armament: two Rolling Airframe anti-missile Missile Systems (RAM)
four 25mm Mk 38 Gun Mounts
two Phalanx CIWS (20mm anti-missile cannon)
five .50 Cal. Mounts.

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