Military Photo: Chinese Amphibious Jeep

Posted: 11/01/2005

A Chinese company has developed an amphibious jeep, the BY5020TSL. The vehicle, based on the forty year old BJ2020S (itself based on the older Russian GAZ69), can drive into water and move at a top speed of 12 kilometers an hour. The 1.2 ton vehicle can carry 900 pounds, and seats five. The amphibious version is intended for reconnaissance units, to make it easier for the recon troops to get across rivers or other water obstacles. There is also a market for these vehicles among wealthy civilians who must travel about remote parts of China. On roads, these 4x4 amphibious vehicles have a top speed of 105 kilometers an hour. Civilians can buy one for $15,000, from the Beijing Jeep Company. China's basic BJ2020S design has been continually improved over the years. In the 1990s, many engineering improvements were made by using technology borrowed (via a joint manufacturing deal) from the American Jeep Cherokee. Chinese jeeps have always been popular with the civilian market, and China hopes to export more of these rugged vehicles to other countries where roads, and cash, are in short supply.

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