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Weapons: Make Magic Bullets Or Else
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August 25, 2008: The British military has backed away from using lead-free bullets. Two years ago, the British decided that, for the good of the environment, they would make bullets of tungsten, and other metals, rather than lead. But further research revealed that tungsten was also poisonous, and much more expensive as well.

Several hundred thousand tons of lead a year go into the manufacture of bullets. Firing ranges have been found to be literally contaminated with lead, and sometimes that lead gets into the local water supply. Lead is so commonly used for bullets mainly because it is heavy, and cheap. But it turns out that all other heavy metals are poisonous as well, in addition to being more expensive. Bullets made of lighter, and safer, materials are not as effective (at hitting and injuring live targets).

Research continues on finding ways to make bullets less harmful to the environment, without losing the ability to be accurate, and fatal to targets. There is some urgency in this, as environmental officials have been shutting down military firing ranges that continue to use the ecologically offensive munitions.

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00_Chem_AJB       8/26/2008 1:17:03 AM
Does that go for DU tank rounds as well? You know just about everything used on the battlefield is enviromentaly unfriendly in some way, high explosives are toxic, the fuel and all those fumes don't do any good to nature, while I am skeptical about this artical it would not supprise me at all.
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Nasty German Idiot       8/26/2008 5:08:35 AM
DU is not used by some European nations, exactly for that reason ...   They found a lot of contamination on wreckage in Kosovo,  if you got near some of the rubbish there your Geigerzähler would flip ...  also dangerous for the soldiers operating in Areas where DU has been used, even if the ammo itself is relativly save in storage.
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