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Weapons: Plastics
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July 24, 2008: After decades of troop requests, a manufacturer (Lancer Systems) has produced a plastic magazine for M-16 type rifles, that is rugged, translucent (to quickly show the user how many rounds they have left) and reliable. The Lancer Systems 30 round magazines weigh a quarter pound and cost about $19 each. Users report the magazines are very durable and reliable.

There have been many plastic M-16 magazines over the last four decades, but none combined durability and that see through element well.

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justbill       7/24/2008 12:09:22 PM
Magpul's PMags have a superior reputation for reliability and durability. They've been available with a clear window to view remaining rounds for about two years. They're also cheaper than the Lancer product.
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