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Weapons: Iranian Bombs in Iraq
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April 30, 2008: The use of roadside bombs in Iraq has been rising since January, when it hit a low of 114. By April it had risen to over 250. The previous high had been 432 in May, 2007, as the successful surge offensive was getting underway. The big difference now is the majority of the bombs are being placed by Shia terrorists. Most of these men belong to pro-Iranian groups, that want to turn Iraq into a religious dictatorship.  Many of these bombs are built noticeably different from the ones employed by Sunni Arab terrorists over the past four years. The Shia militias received bomb making training either in Iran, or from Iran bomb specialists brought into Iraq to conduct courses. The most obvious example of this is the shaped charge, self-forging projectile bomb, an armor piercing device that requires a machined component. This often comes from Iran.  As with the Sunni Arab bombs, most of the Shia ones are detected, or shut down with electronic devices before they can detonate.  One similarity is that most of the bomb casualties are Iraqis, both security forces (army, police) or civilians who had the misfortune to be nearby when the thing went off.


Next Article → WARPLANES: Where Have All The Pilots Gone

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cynthia       5/1/2008 1:42:27 AM
There needs to be more of an increase in price of gasoline over there in that area... Also there needs to be a curfew for the kids like in Illinois... Also there needs to be a better mode of transportation for the people of Iraq , other than the cars because they are too expensive to run... Something that doesn't get in the way of security measures like a traditional BICYCLE with a baskets and/or an open , for all to see in , pull cart like China had in the olden days. Mabey make them mountain bikes for open pull carts if they doen't have good roads. But I personally would ban the 10 speeds when they are seen, because they are more dangerous...
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