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Surface Forces: Viking Harpoon
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October 8, 2011: Germany has introduced the Swedish RBS15 Mk3 anti-ship missiles to its K130 corvettes. The RBS15 is similar to the U.S. Harpoon, but heavier (800 kg/1,760 pounds, compared to 728 kg/1,600), and has greater range (250 kilometers compared to 224 for the latest version of Harpoon.)

The Mk 3 version is a "fire and forget" missile with an increased range (by 25 percent), and added GPS, selective targeting and improved countermeasures. In addition to Sweden, other users are Finland, Croatia, Poland and Turkey. Thailand has it on order. The RBS is designed to be launched from ships, land-based launchers and aircraft.


Next Article → LEADERSHIP: Off With Their Heads

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Sty0pa       10/11/2011 8:31:26 AM
Current Harpoon deployed in USN (not including the Block II/III which weren't acquired by the USN) version range is at least 280km, I'd suspect something slightly further in reality.
RBS15 is a nice system, and the next version under development is said to be over 1000km range, which would be remarkable for a 4m missile with a 200kg+ warhead. 
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