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Surface Forces: U.S. Base In Bahrain In Danger
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July 26, 2011: The United States is quietly looking for another country, on the west coast of the Persian Gulf, to host an American naval base. This is because months of political unrest in Bahrain has put the American base there in danger. So the U.S. Navy is looking at the possibility, and cost, of moving the Bahrain base to Dubai or Qatar. The navy is not happy about making the move, as it would be expensive and disruptive. But if the unrest in Bahrain continues, and escalates, there may be no choice.

Over the last few years, the U.S. has been expanding its naval base in Bahrain. The navy has taken over the Mina Salman port, which transferred all commercial operations to the new Khalifa bin Salman port. The navy has leased 28 hectares (70 acres) of waterfront space at Mina Salman. At the capital, the navy has an .4 hectare (one acre) area at the port there, and 17 hectares (42 acres) at a nearby base. The new port is large enough to berth the largest U.S. ships (the Nimitz class carriers.) The port currently supports over a dozen American warships operating in the area.

Thus the U.S. Navy has turned a minor naval station in the Persian Gulf, into one of its most crucial bases for the war on terrorism. The U.S. moved into Bahrain in 1973, when the British gave it up. The Bahrainis, like most of their Arab neighbors, like to have some friendly Western power in residence. This provides some insurance against Saudi Arabia to the west, and Iran to the east.

Before 1918, the British presence helped keep the Ottoman (Turkish) Empire off their backs as well. All the Bahrainis ask is that the foreign troops be quiet, and discreet. Until 2002, the Bahraini base was just a place where U.S. warships could tie up for repairs, or recreation for the crews. About 3,600 American military personnel were stationed there. There was an airbase for navy and air force transports and warplanes. The Bahrainis denied much of this activity, so as to avoid getting pilloried by other Arab states. But Bahrain is a small place (a 655 square kilometer island about 20 kilometers off the Saudi coast, with a population of about 1.1 million), and it's difficult for things like warships and warplanes to go unnoticed.

In the last eight years, several hundred million dollars has gone into building more permanent facilities. The trailers and other "temporary structures" were replaced by more permanent buildings and facilities. This included a new pier, just for military ships. There is a shopping center just for the military, and a lot of recreational facilities for the troops. Until 2004, some troops could bring their families. But now it's all military, and the brass try to keep everyone happy on base. It's a one year tour for most, but Bahrain is pretty popular. Living conditions are good, and the local Bahrainis are pretty mellow and friendly by Middle Eastern standards, at least most of the time.

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blkfoot    Why????   7/26/2011 7:33:43 PM
Ok, just why in the world are we leasing acreage for a port facilities from a country we practically privide all the protect for? I believe the big Mob bosses would be turning in their graves seing how stupid this is.
And Now we're looking into another country or countries, so we can go lease from to protect them?
Alright, how about this...
First, we pull out completely from the Middle East...Afghanastan, Iraq, other Stans and any other desert oil  kitty box backazzward country over there..say good bye, your on your own, you all suck.
Next...we claim Venezuala has WMDs.
Whaaaat? Venezual has WMDs! Holy crap batman we ned to do something about comes the smoke and mirror act to get all the MSM news groups and the American people to get on board with that idea.
Why Venezuala?
Well, first, if you do a google check on their Oil reserves, Hugo Chavez (el Presedente') claims they have 297 Billion Barrels of Oil reserves (Saudia Arabia 265 Billion Barrels at 2009)
Next, Hugo is just a pain in the butt. He wants to be the next Big shot in the area once Castro finally kicks the Bucket. Castro has staying power so Hugo is like a really bad midlevel Dr. Evil...with acne.
Venezuala has a Active Army of 63,000 troops (mainly Conscripts, which we all know, don't fight worth a damn)
Active Navy of around 18,500 Sailors (to include 8000 Marines)
Air Force I couldn't find much for personal strength, but they have 21 F-16 Falcons, and SU-30's (BTW Hugo has threaten to sell those F-16's to Iran, so we should just bomb the living crap out of him just for that)
National Guard...around 36,000 trained troops
Militias...Hey remember the dignity battalions in Panama back in 1989? Just some duffuses with weopans and treating their own people bad.
What bennifits the USof A
Well, we just wipe our shoes of the Middle East stuff we stepped into and move on. Freeing up Billions of dollars on everything we spend it on over there. (Militarily, Economically, Business dealings..everything)
Next, well, we wont have to worry about the Somalian Pirates anymore, because we wont be sending any Tankers over there for oil any more. That will be India and China's headache.
Illegal Imigration...Yeeeees! We'll put Huge Billboards up along the boarder (in Spanish) that the Jobs are down in Venezuala! Thus freeing up a chit load of Tax funds being wasted on that problem. Schooling, Medical, Police, courts, prisons, Social, housing, you name it...but then again the Americans would have to learn how to mow their own lawns and dig ditches. Thats what teenagers are for anyways...spoiled wrotten brats!
And Cheaper Oil!  Yes, I said it, it's really all about the Oil..but don't tell the MSM jackwagons or they'll make a big deal out of it.
What Bennifits would Venzuala get out of such a plan?
First. they get rid of a el Presedente' thats been running their country into the ground, would get free elections again, would get new buildings and bridges after the" Big Shock and Aw" we put on them.
There economy would get a massive boost from now dealing with America, because, we are such great guys and have the white hats and everything.
Their neighbors would probably settle down and not threaten to go to war with them because of what their el Presedente' has threaten them with in the since he's been in charge.
There would be much singing and dancing in the streets and everybody would live happily ever after...
Oh, and we would discover there were no WMDs after all...but, who cares! We got Cheaper Oil now!
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Hamilcar21    Operation Fratboy II?   7/27/2011 2:44:45 AM

We don't need another $1 trillion flustercluck.


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blkfoot    come on   7/28/2011 6:09:12 PM
Like we're not going to spend another Trillion dollars over there in the next ten years anyways???
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Hamilcar21       7/28/2011 8:04:38 PM

Five months, and why can't we actually buy or do something for it that works?



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blkfoot    geee   8/1/2011 7:01:51 PM
you must be really fun at company chrstmas party!
Settle down was just a comment..not the actual "GO!" order...
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