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Surface Forces: More Chinese Frigates Please
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August 13, 2010: A year ago, two years after placing the order, Pakistan received the first of four F-22P frigates. The Pakistani have been very pleased with their inexpensive Chinese warships, and are planning on ordering four more. The second F-22P entered service late last year and the third is due this year. The fourth one is under construction in Pakistan. The F-22P is an improved version of the Chinese Jiangwei II (053H3). Pakistan already has four of these, as the F-22.

The 123 meter (406 foot) long F-22P displaces 2,500 tons, and carries an eight cell short range (8.6 kilometers) FM-90N surface-to-air missile system. There are two, four cell anti-ship missile systems (180 kilometers range C-802s), two, three cell launchers for rocket launched ET-52C anti-submarine torpedoes, two, six cell RDC-32 anti-submarine rocket launchers. There is also a 76.2mm gun, two 30mm anti-missiles auto-cannon, and a helicopter. Each ship has a crew of 202 and a top speed of 52 kilometers an hour. The F-22Ps are inexpensive, costing about $200 million each. The new American LCS weighs about the same, but has only half as many sailors in the crew, lots more automation and costs over $600 million.


Next Article → PROCUREMENT: Canada Cracks Down On Iranians

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Juramentado       8/13/2010 3:07:10 PM
One important difference - LCS has no SSM missile suite right now. The bid for the NLOS replacement was made in June and no selection has been made. By the time these Chinese frigates are five years old, the Navy will just have made the final choice, judging by how procurement cycles have lengthened considerably in the last 10 years or so. What's surprising is that McInerney, the oldest Oliver Hazard Perry FFG left in active service, has just been sold to the Pak Navy. With these types of modern Figs, it's remarkable that they would take in a venerable but aging vessel that doesn't even have a missile system at all. Mind you, it won't be at a bargain - Foreign Military Sales from the US are required by law to get fair-market value for all assets transferred to allies.
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