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Surface Forces: The Indian Fast FACs
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July 9, 2010: India recently commissioned two more Car Nicobar class FACs (fast attack craft). These 600 ton fast patrol boats are locally designed and built. Six are now in service, and four more will be completed in the next year. The ships have been a great success. With a top speed of 63 kilometers an hour, the Car Nicobars can stay at sea for about six days at a time (cruising at 22 kilometers an hour). The ships are very maneuverable because they use water jet propulsion.

Armament consists of a 30mm autocannon in a turret, two 12.7mm machine-guns and some shoulder fired anti-aircraft missiles. The crew of 49 live and work in air conditioned compartments. Each ship costs about $11 million, which is a very good price for a 48.9 meter/152 foot long coast guard vessel. India needs ships like this, because it has 7,500 kilometers of coastline to keep watch over.

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LB    Not a FAC   7/9/2010 7:16:05 PM
It's not a FAC as there is no "A", or attack, on these craft.  They are just coast guard ships or patrol boats/ships.   A FAC carries surface to surface missiles- I'm not sure if any modern FAC's are being built with torpedoes.
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