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Surface Forces: Can't Get Enough Of Perry
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January 15, 2010: The Taiwanese Navy wants to buy eight more used Perry class frigates from the United States, and equip them with an Aegis air defense system. The Perry's are 4,100 ton ships that have a crew of 220 and are normally armed with a 76mm gun, six tubes for launching Mk 46 anti-submarine torpedoes, and a 20mm auto cannon as anti-missile defense. As built, the Perry's has a missile launcher for SM-1 anti-aircraft or Harpoon anti-ship missiles (from a 40 missile magazine), but these were removed from all U.S. Perrys in 2004. This was done because U.S. allies needed the dwindling supply of SM-1 missiles more than U.S. ships did. The SH-60 helicopters carried by the Perrys could still use their smaller Penguin anti-ship missiles. The Perrys have air search radar and sonar, and can carry two helicopters. Top speed is 55 kilometers an hour. If built today, the Perry's would cost about $300 million each.

The Taiwanese government needs to do something about its surface force, which now consist of 20 old, former U.S. Navy, destroyers and frigates, and six French frigates, which entered service in the 1990s. The U.S. is retiring its remaining Perrys, and has the capability to refurbish and upgrade them. It is currently doing this for a Perry that is going to Pakistan.


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Skylark       1/16/2010 2:28:36 AM
     The eight Perry class Frigates in Taiwan were actually built under license through the 90's as the Cheng Kung class Frigate by the China SB Corporation, Kaochsiung, so it would be more accurate to begin the article with "The Taiwanese navy wants to buy eight used Perry class frigates".  (They are also, according to Jane's, 2750, not 4100 tons.)  Taiwan commissioned seven new-built Perry's from 1993-1998, but there was approval for one additional since the initial order so I think they have eight at the moment.
     Adding eight more Perrys is a logical choice as they already know how to build them, so refurbishing and maintaining the used hulls should be relatively straightforward. The lack of missile launchers and missiles shouldn't be an issue either as Taiwan already has the Hsiung Feng II anti-ship missile in service with their existing Perrys.  I'm not certain which ships they intend to replace, but I'm guessing that Taiwan plans to retire their eight worn out Knox class frigates which had gained a reputation for poor operational availability almost from the time they were recommissioned in the early-mid 90's.  (All were originally built in the early 70's.)  The biggest obstacle for Taiwan is the Perrys may be as worn out as the Knox class Frigates were, so the deal for purchase used rather than build new must have been very attractive.
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Newton       1/26/2010 3:32:21 PM
There's little point in asking the creator of these articles to be either accurate in the title or the content.
The titles display a brand of uniquely obtuse, and unfunny humor that is peculiar to Englandistan, and the articles themselves are more anecdotal than accurate - just as is the case here.
You'll note the lack of responses to any of these articles, often just 2 or 3 comments - serious military researchers go elsewhere for their information, this idiot has driven them away in droves.
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