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Surface Forces: Turkey Rolls Its Own
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October 5, 2008: A Turkish shipyard has launched the first of twelve Heybeliada class corvettes. These 2,000 ton ships are the first modern warships designed and built in Turkey, using largely Turkish made components. The Heybeliadas are 325 feet long and have a crew of 93. Weapons include a 76mm gun, eight Harpoon anti-ship missiles, 21 RAM missiles for use against aircraft and anti-ship missiles, two torpedo tubes, two 12.7mm machine-guns and a helicopter. Electronics include radar, sonar and electronics warfare gear. Top speed is 52 kilometers an hour and endurance is about 21 days. Turkey plans to have the first one entering service in two years. The entire class won't be completed until 2028, and four of the later ones will be slightly larger and armed with more anti-aircraft weapons. The first eight will spend most of their time performing coast guard duties.

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