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Surface Forces: Canada Freshens Its Frigates
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September 16, 2008: Canada is spending about $242 million each to upgrade its twelve Halifax class frigates. It will take nine years to complete the process (with each ship being out of service for 18 months and the first refit not beginning until 2010.) The 4,800 ton Halifax's entered service during 1992-96 and have a crew of 225. Armament consists of four torpedo tubes, a 57mm gun, a 20mm Phalanx anti-missile autocannon, eight Harpoon anti-ship missiles, 16 Sea Sparrow anti-aircraft missiles and a helicopter. There is onboard and towed sonar as well as electronic countermeasures.

The modernization electronics (fiber optic replacing copper wire, current electronics for sensors and computers and upgraded sensors.) Weapons will upgraded to current models.


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