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Surface Forces: China Recycles
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July 22, 2008: China appears to be having more success with using some of its older 053H (Jianghu class) missile frigates as coast guard patrol ships, then it ever had using them as warships. Two of these three decade old warships, instead of being scrapped, converted to coast guard ships. The frigates had their two 100 mm guns and six anti-ship missiles removed. This made room for smaller patrol boats to be mounted on deck, along with winches to lower them into the water. Additional fuel stowage was also added, and crew accommodations were improved, since only about half as many sailors (about a hundred) were now needed to run the ship.

The Chinese apparently also did a lot of repairs and rebuilding inside these ships, which have a long history of shoddy construction and frequent equipment breakdowns. The coast guard has said they would prefer new ships, but this is China, and you take what you can get and make the most of it.

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