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Surface Forces: Dutch OPVs
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December 27, 2007:  The Netherlands is building four corvettes for offshore patrol. These 3,700 ton, 335 foot long ships are large for "coast guard" operations, but that's because the Dutch want to be able to send them to distant locations for peacekeeping, if needed. The OPVs (offshore patrol vessels) are armed with one 76mm gun and two 12.7mm machine-guns. The ship is run by a crew of fifty, although there is berthing for an additional 40 people. Top speed is 40 kilometers an hour. Each OPV will cost  $170 million. The lower cost (than most warships of that size) is due to the relative lack of weapons and high end electronics. These ships are expected to enter service over the next five years.




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FJV       12/27/2007 10:58:34 AM
Thales commercial video of the OPV sensor mast.


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Eggy       12/28/2007 7:47:22 AM
Sensors are quite powerfull for a what basicly is a counter narcotics/pirating vessel. The patrol vessels will have a NH90 NFH helicopter on board, as well as 2 Super RHIBS and a navalised 20-30mm gun (e.g. MLG-27).

The only worrying thing is the lack of a CIWS, but I guess DART munition could be acquired in the future.

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