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Surface Forces: New Russian Frigates Sold South
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December 26, 2007: Vietnam is buying two Goblin 3.9 frigates from Russia. These are 2,100 ton,  316 foot long ships. They are armed with one 76mm gun and six 30mm automatic cannon.  There are also eight Kh35 anti-ship missiles (135 kilometer range and a 300 pound warhead) and one anti-aircraft launcher and twenty Gecko missiles (10 kilometer range and 42 pound warhead).  There are two torpedo tubes, and depth charge launcher and a Ka-28 helicopter. Top speed is 50 kilometers an hour and crew size varies from 110-130 depending on equipment carried.


Construction of this class began in 1988, but was frozen by the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991. The first ship of the class did not enter service until 2002. This class is intended for coastal patrol and defense.



Next Article → AFGHANISTAN: What's Worth Dying For

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Yimmy       12/26/2007 1:15:23 PM
SA-N-4 Gecko is ancient.  Seems an odd choice.

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doggtag       12/26/2007 3:07:06 PM
The six 30mm automatic cannon is the one that gets me.
By wording it that way, it makes it sound like six separate weapons entirely.
I'm willing to bet more than anything it's a variant of the AK630, a six-barrel 30mm gatling-type rotary cannon mounted in a low profile domed turret.
I don't know of any Russian (or their close allies) that mount multiple, single-barrel 30mm guns.
There are some single and twin barrel gun turrets out there, but I know of no operational Russian shipborne system mounting a single barrel in, and that many of, 30mm mounts (there are numerous western types, such as these latest RWS mounts using Mauser or Bushmaster cannon, and the new Mk46 turret system in the USN using a 30mm MK44 gun).
Sure, I suppose it's quite possible the vessel mounts three twin-barrel AK230 turrets,
,but for something of this ship's size, I doubt that installation.
I'd put money down that it's the AK630.
Sometimes I wonder if Mr D & Mr H got ahold of some kind of automatic writing software that just pieces some of these articles together: how many times have so many of us posters caught so many discrepancies on front page articles?
Or things worded so as to be almost misleading?
...or maybe they do it intentionally, just to stir up debate?
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