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Special Operations: Instant Custom Camo For Commandos
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June 30, 2011: Commandos strive to gain every advantage possible before carrying out a high-risk mission. Now they can quickly get camouflage uniforms optimized for the local terrain, colors and structures. This is because there is now available "direct-garment-printing" that enables the special camouflage pattern and colors to be quickly applied to "blank" (monochrome) uniforms and shipped to the troops planning the mission. While this special camouflage may only make the troops wearing them a few percent more difficult for the enemy to detect, that is one more edge the commandos have.

Other edges include years of specialized training, lots of intel on the target, careful planning, some kind of mockup of the target area for practice runs and, most importantly, the element of surprise. None of these advantages, by themselves, will assure victory. But all together, they make a decisive difference. Thus it should be no surprise to hear that elite troops like commandos and paratroopers have, on average, suffered lower casualty rates than regular infantry. These elite forces also tend to accomplish more difficult tasks. Instant custom camo is one more reason why.

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