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Sea Transportation: Indians Fire On North Korean Ship
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August 11, 2009: Another North Korean cargo ship has run afoul of local authorities because of suspicious behavior, and fears that the North Koreans are trying to smuggle weapons. On August 7th, the Indian Coast Guard found the North Korea cargo ship Munsan illegally anchored off one of the Andaman islands. When an Indian coast guard ship approached, the North Koreans lifted anchor and attempted to flee. But after warning shots were fired, the North Koreans stopped, and allowed themselves to be brought back to the anchorage. An Indian inspection team boarded the ship and found a crew of 39 North Koreans. The ships paperwork was found to be incomplete, with no records kept for several stops the Indians knew (from other sources) the Munsan has made on its voyage from North Korea to the Andaman Islands. The Indians searched the Munsan, but found no illegal cargo (just a load of sugar, being carried from Thailand to Iraq.) The Indians are continuing to search the Munsan, believing it likely that if the North Korean were moving illegal cargo, it would be well hidden.

Last June, the UN passed resolution 1874, which sanctioned North Korea for its recent nuclear weapons test, and prohibited North Korea from trading in weapons.



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Newton       8/11/2009 4:47:07 PM

The Indians did NOT "fire on North Korean ship" they fired warning shots.

Seriously, who is the idiot who makes up these false and often offensive titles?

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RtWingCon       8/12/2009 1:02:55 AM
hopefully the next headline will read "Indians sink NK ship"
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trenchsol       8/12/2009 7:13:58 AM
SP is not perfect, but who is ? It is much better than some other sources.
For example, couple of years ago, I had a chance to read an article about B-52 bombers hitting targets in Croatian port of Split during WWII. In fact, those were B-24 returning from missions over Romania. Croatian coast was occupied by Italy, and later by Germany during WWII.
There was no attempts to correct that  stupidity.


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